Latest Publications

  • Ramon Ruiz-Dolz, S. Heras, J. Alemany and A. García-Fornes
    Towards an Argumentation System for Assisting Users with Privacy Management in Online Social Networks
    Computational Models of Natural Argument (CMNA2019) Vol. 2346 pp. 17-28. (2019) Bibtex

  • H. Billhardt, A. Fernández, S. Ossowski, J. Palanca and J. Bajo
    Taxi dispatching strategies with compensations
    Expert Systems with Applications Vol. 122 pp. 173-182. (2019) Bibtex

  • LLiguin K.Y., V. Botti and E. Argente
    Challenges on Normative Emotional Agents
    EUMAS 2017, AT 2017 Vol. 10767 pp. 538-551. (2018) Bibtex

  • J. Jordán, J. Palanca, E. Del Val, V. Julian and V. Botti
    MASEV: A MAS for the Analysis of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Location
    nternational Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems pp. 326-330. (2018) Bibtex

  • J. Palanca, S. Heras, P. Rodriguez, D. Nestor and V. Julian
    An Argumentation-based Conversational Recommender System for Recommending Learning Objects
    17th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2018) pp. 2037-2039. (2018) Bibtex

  • J. Taverner, B. Alfonso, E. Vivancos and V. Botti
    Using Different Agent Personalities to Obtain Different Agent Behaviours
    Workshop on Affective Computing and Context Awareness in Ambient Intelligence (AfCAI 2018) Vol. 2166 pp. 1-7. (2018) Bibtex

  • J.A. Rincon, A. Costa, P. Novais, V. Julian and C. Carrascosa
    Intelligent wristbands for the automatic detection of emotional states for the elderly
    Proceedings of IDEAL'2018 pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex

  • B. Okresa, J.A. Rincon, C. Carrascosa, M. Schatten and V. Julian
    MAMbO5: A new Ontology Approach for Modelling and Managing Intelligent Virtual Environments Based on Multi-Agent Systems
    Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing pp. In Press. (2018) Bibtex

  • A. Costa, E. Martinez-Martin, M. Cazorla and V. Julian
    PHAROS—PHysical Assistant RObot System
    SENSORS Vol. 18 N. 8 pp. 2633-1. (2018) Bibtex

  • T. Oliveira, A. Silva, K. Satoh, V. Julian, P. Leao and P. Novais
    Survivability Prediction of Colorectal Cancer Patients: A System with Evolving Features for Continuous Improvement
    SENSORS Vol. 18 N. 9 pp. 2983-1. (2018) Bibtex