Multi-agent system based on ARTIS



SIMBA (Multi-agent system based on ARTIS) is an agent platform that allows us to develop Real-Time Multi-Agent Systems. The SIMBA platform is constituted by a set of ARTIS agents and a special agent (Manager Platform Agent - MPA-) which is in charge of the services that are specified in the standard FIPA: agent management services and white pages service (AMS), directory management services or yellow pages (DF). This agent is also in charge of the interoperability with other FIPA platforms across an agent communication channel (ACC).

The set of ARTIS agents controls the subsystem of the real-time environment with hard critical constrains. Additionally, the system may integrate different types of agents, which cover other non-critical activities on the system. For this reason, Simba must be able to incorporate heterogeneous agents using standard agent-interaction processes.


In accordance with existing agent architectures, the ARTIS agent architecture could be labeled as a vertical-layered, hybrid architecture with added extensions to work in a hard real-time environment.

The ARTIS agent architecture guarantees an agent response that satisfies all the critical temporal restrictions of the system while also trying to obtain the best answer for the current environment status. This is due to its capacities for problem-solving, adaptability and proactivity, which have been added to the architecture.