The RTL-POSIXTRACE is a package that adds most of the tracing support defined in the POSIX Trace standard to Open RT-Linux 3.1. The POSIX Trace standard defines a set of portable interfaces for tracing applications. This standard was approved (September 2000) and now can be found integrated with the rest of POSIX 1003.1 standards in a single document issued in 2001 after the approval of both the IEEE-SA Standards Board and the Open Group. The name of this document is "1003.1(TM) Standard for Information Technology--Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) (Base Specifications, Issue 6)". If interested, you can buy a CDROM copy of this document in Opengroup.

However, the former RTL-POSIXTRACE package has evolved into something more ambitious, called the RTLINUX-ANALYSIS-TOOLKIT. This is a package formed by several libraries, modules and tools which may be jointly used in order to analyse real-time applications running on RT-Linux. For this reason, although this page is still named after the former package, this package has been subsumed into the toolkit.

Both the RTL-POSIXTRACE and the RTLINUX-ANALYSIS-TOOLKIT have been developed in the context of the OCERA project (IST-2001 35102, EU Commission funded project) as well as the SIMBA project (DPI2002-04434-C04-02) funded by the Spanish Government.