Regulated Open Multiagent Systems


The ROMAS development frameworkl is a new approach for designing and verifying Normative Open Multiagent Systems based on the ROMAS methodology. In this context the term normative open systems refers to systems where heterogeneous and autonomous entities and institutions interact between them in a regulated context in order to achieve their individual and global objectives.

In ROMAS, agents, roles and organizations are defined through a formal social structure based on a service-oriented open MAS architecture. Here, organizations represent a set of individuals and institutions that need to coordinate resources and services across institutional boundaries. In this context, agents represent individual parties who take on roles in the system, within a given organization (e.g. a company), they can both offer and consume services as part of the roles they play. Beyond this, virtual organizations can also be built to coordinate resources and services across institutional boundaries. Importantly, each of these concepts must be strictly defined, alongside their interrelations.

This tool has been developed following the MDA standards by means of the Eclipse technology. It consists of several Eclipse plug-ins that allows modeling normative open multiagent systems based on the ROMAS methodology.

This tool is an evolution of our previous work the EMFGormas tool.