Guidelines for ORganizational Multi-Agent Systems


GORMAS (Guidelines for ORganizational Multi-Agent Systems) defines a set of activities for the analysis and design of Virtual Organizations, including the design of their organizational structure and their dynamics. With this method, all services offered and required by the Virtual Organization are clearly defined, as well as its internal structure and the norms that govern its behavior.

GORMAS is based on a specific method for designing human organizations, which consists of diverse phases for analysis and design. These phases have been appropriately adapted to the MAS field, this way to catch all the requirements of the design of an organization from the agents' perspective. Thus, the methodological guidelines proposed in GORMAS
cover the typical requirement analysis, architectural and detailed designs of many relevant Organization-Centered Multi-Agent Systems (OCMAS) such as PASSI, SODA, AGR, INGENIAS... methodologies, but it also includes a deeper analysis of the system as an open organization that provides and offers services to its environment.