Real-time Language for integrated Production Systems


The traditional languages for developing rule-based systems are not appropriate for real-time environments, due to the enormous difficulty that implies their timing analysis. Arlips is a language for developing rule-based systems for real-time environments. Arlips and its pattern matching algorithm fulfill the necessary conditions for allowing their timing analysis. This language has a syntax and semantic similar to other rule-based languages following the production system paradigm.

At the same time, we have included restrictions to facilitate its timing analysis. Its pattern matching algorithm has been designed after a detailed study of the Rete algorithm. Due to that, this algorithm maintains the properties of a good pattern matching algorithm. The main characteristics of our algorithm are:

  • Temporal redundancy is avoided.
  • The algorithm profits from the similarity between rules.
  • The necessary conditions to facilitate the timing analysis are fulfilled.

Arlips rule-based systems can be integrated into the ARTIS real-time intelligent architecture or into any C program. Development and debugging tools are also provided.

Arlips Development Environment